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~New Age Horoscopes~

Angels have NO bounds upon religions
Angels are SPIRITUAL entities for the human race!


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The WeatherPixie

And GOD said.."Let there be lights in the firmament of the Heaven
to divide the day from the night..and let them be for signs...
and for seasons...and for days and years..


Always Remember:
If you can not find God within YOU.
Then you will not find God in any place outside of YOU.
Jesus himself said: The Kingdom of God is within YOU.

~~~~Always walk in harmony, beauty, peace and love.

Sun sign horoscopes that are found in the newspapers are only that ~~~SUN SIGNS~~~
You share YOUR Sun sign with billions of other people on Earth.
YOUR horoscope is based on your time~ place ~and~ date of birth.
ONLY YOU~~~~~~~~NO one else can have your horoscope.

It would take 25,000 years for the planets to align the exact
same way as they were at the moment of your birth~~~!!!!
Your horoscope is derived from the drawing up of a chart~{{map of the heavens}}~
at the PRECISE moment of your birth~!!!

This map is what makes YOU who YOU are~!!!
And as I said~~~NO ONE ELSE can duplicate that map for another 25,000 years~~
So you are indeed TOTALLY UNIQUE~!!!!!!!Each and every one of you~!!!!!

Your Sun sign is the MOST powerful planet in your chart~~
You ARE your sun sign~!!!~~~~(Your Personality)
The Sun and the Moon {{luminaries} are considered planets in astrology,
followed by your moon sign~~~~(the planet of emotions)
and then your rising sign~~(the sign that others see you as)
THIS rising sign (ascendant) is based on the time of birth,
and it is from this time that the rising sign is calculated and
the first house sign begins and the rest of the houses follow suit.
THAT is why your time of birth is so very important~~~!!~~~


I am Libra~~~Moon in Scorpio~~~Leo rising~~~

We will all strive for peace and love
Angels follow the stars~~~~~Angels live amoung the stars~~
Angels guide~~~~~~~ Angels love~~~~~~~~~

Every one is talking about the end of the world
because of the approaching year 2000.
My friends!!!..We are merely entering a new AGE.

We are leaving the age of Pisces... and we are entering the Age of Aquarius...
Every 2000 years we enter a new AGE...and the doom ....
if you fear is only within yourself..from hearing all of the talk..
Your fears can be dealt with in your heart...

There will be MAJOR changes... as with the entering of every other NEW AGE....
BUT the New Age of Aquarius will be the age of brotherly LOVE on the positive side

So LET US ALL PRAY FOR POSITIVE everything in life...!!!!

And HOW will you deal with all the doom and the new changes.??
In your heart....and in your soul....Create good karma-!

~~~~I LOVE this saying- thanks Danbro~~~~


{{{peace and love}}}


I WAS going to be leave SUN signs--Moon signs--Ascendants--and NODES
To me the four MOST important parts of a chart.
With these four you can pretty much tell the personality of a person.
But go to the web sites below..They have all the information that you would ever need.

Some of my favorite Astrology web sites

Astrology by Michael McClain

Jonathan Cainer's Astrology Pages

FREE Astrology charts HERE

Richard Nolle (The first Astrologer I contacted)

USE the sites above along with this one. Thanks for visiting.



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My Web Ring Page




~~TOTAL Eclipse of the SUN on August 11, 1999~~

The Goddess Rhiannon is as Near to my Heart as
The Blessed Mother

In Memory of Gwen


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Let Angels Guide You

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This page was RENEWED on 11-2-1998 @ 3:00 pm CST~~~Good for ME~~~{{smiles}}

and RENEWED again on 4-7-2001---PLUTO transiting my 4th house--**S*--
cleaning up during the Libra FULL moon--**S**--and again April 13, 2002 --*VBS*--during an Aries NEW Moon~!

And again on this day of January 18, 2004 when PLUTO is still transiting my 4th
with this Sagittarian MOON in EXACT conjunction to natal Pluto in that 4th house!
Pluto never ceases to amaze me! I'm FULL of Scorpio-
Jupiter, Mars, Moon, Venus - all in Scorpio within 17 degrees of each other
And I'm a one degree PROGRESSED Sagittarius SUN---which is the exact degree that this last
November 23, 2003-eclipse was at--AND IN my 4th house of Home again!
Opposing that 10th house of career!- So I'm going with the dolls. It's my destiny!

!~ But Astrology will always remain in my soul until I leave Planet Earth ~!


BUT----- I am STILL Libra Sun/Mercury/Neptune---always

~~~~Always walk in harmony, beauty, peace and love.

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Bright Blessings

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