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Written by BeB

From the - Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need -
by Joanna Martine Woolfolk

Everyone seems to have heard about the Age of Aquarius. Depending on which astrologer you consult, we have either begun or will soon begin the Aquarian Age.

But what exactly is the Age of Aquarius?

To answer that question, we must backtrack a little. As you know, looking at the Sun from our vantage point here on earth, it travels around the earth once every year. On its journey, the Sun travels a narrow path (called the ecliptic), and passes through the twelve signs of the zodiac...!!!

When the foundation stones of the science of astrology were first formally put in place in Babylonian times, the signs of the zodiac were named after actual constellations of the stars in the sky. Those early astronomers had noticed that the Sun journeyed through the same constellations every year. During the spring, the path of the Sun crosses over the constellation of Aries. In the fall, the path of the Sun crosses over the constellation of Libra.

The beginning of the astrological year is a point called the vernal equinox. This is where the Sun's path (the ecliptic) crosses the celestial equator (the line that divides the heavens into a northern half and a southern half). At that point day and night are equal in length. The word EQUINOX comes from the Latin, meaning "equal night"..(i.e...night is equal to day). There are two eqinoxes during the year...vernal and autumnal. The vernal equinox begins spring... the autumnal equinox begins autumn. The vernal equinox also begins the first astrological sign (Aries)...and the first half of the zodiac ...The autumn equinox begins the seventh sign (Libra)..and the second half of the zodiac..

When the Babylonians calculated the zodiac, the vernal equinox took place in the constellation of Aries. Around the time of the birth of Christ, (the beginning of A.D.)....the earth had shifted enough so that the vernal equinox took place in the constellation of Pisces. Around the year 2000 A.D. the vernal equinox will begin to take place in the constellation of Aquarius.....HENCE......


What will the new age look like.???....How different will things be.???

Before we go ahead...Let us look at the ages PAST~~~!!!

Each AGE is characterized by the astrological sign of that era... During it's existence..our Earth has gone through thousands of Great years (26,000-year time span is called a Great Year)...Each 2,100-year transit through a sign is called a Great Month...A Great Month is also referred to as an AGE....For the past 2,000 years or so...mankind has been living in the Age of Pisces...We are now entering the AGE of AQUARIUS~~~

Scientist estimate our earth to be as old as 4.6 BILLION years...which means that it has passed through almost 177,000 Great years.!!!..BUT man's ancestors..creatures who first walked upright on two legs..have been on Earth for only 115 Great Years..(three million years)...And Neanderthal man walked this earth only nine Great Years ago.

Astrologers trace mankind's written history only as far back as the age of Leo...

~~~~~~~~~~ SO WE START HERE ~~~~~~~~~~


(circa 10,00 B.C. ~~to~~ 8,000 B.C.)

This age is characterized by the energy and creativity of human beings learning how to use their environment...Men and women lived in caves and learned to refine highly finished and polished stone implements.. The Sun..ruler of Leo... was of paramount importance to Neolithic..(New Stone Age) man..for during this era human beings acquired a limited ability to raise food (agriculture) rather than merely hunt and gather it...According to astrologers..cave paintings from this age (man's first written history)..shows a marked Leo influence...



(circa 8,000 B.C. ~~to~~ 6,000 B.C.)

It was during this Age that human beings abandoned their caves and formed fixed dwellings aboveground..(the Cancerian influence to make a home..)...Mankind learned to spin and weave and make pottery... They began to grow varied crops and to domesticate animals..Moon worship and fertility rites abounded during this era. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is the sign of domesticity...fertility... and motherhood.



(circa 6,000 B.C. ~~to~~ 4,000 B.C.)

This Age is marked by the developement of writing (Gemini is the sign of communication)..Mankind expanded its intellectual capacities by beginning to record and to store information... The invention of the wheel made rudimentary commerce and travel possible (both ruled by Gemini)....



(circa 4,000 B.C. ~~to~~ 2,000 B.C.)

The great Eqyptian civilization...with its emphasis on cultivation of land and new technology of building (the pyramids).. echoes the influence of earthy Taurus... Both the esthetic nature of Taurus and its solidity are reflected in the beautiful art and architecture of this Age....



(circa 2,000 B.C. ~~to~~ 1 B.C.)

This era is known as the Iron Age..when mankind learned to fashion weapons from iron..(Aries rules the metal iron)..The Age is also characterized by its militancy and aggressive spirit..During this era ..Assyria and the Greek city-states rose to power...and Alexander the Great conquered the world...!!...In the latter part of the Age..militaristic Rome became the MOST powerful empire ever known.!!!



(circa A.D 1 ~~to~~ A.D. 2,000)

The enormous influence of Christianity changed the world during this era.. (Pisces is the sign of spiritual knowledge)...The fish (symbol of Pisces) is also the symbol of Christianity...Drawings of fish were used as secret signs between early Christians... Christ called his apostles "fishers of men"...This Age is marked by sacrifice and struggles ..(qualities associated with Pisces)...

~~~~~~~~~~NEXT will be the AGE of AQUARIUS~~~~~~~~~~

What will the Age of Aquarius be like.??

~~~~WELL let us have a LOOK into what it MAY be like~~~~

For clues..we MUST look at the sign of Aquarius..Aquarius is the sign of brotherly love and humanitarianism... In the coming era .. astrologers expect that the concept of individual nations will fade and that mankind will join together as one people rather than be seperated into the Age of Aquarius....we MAY reach at last the long held ideal of world peace...!!

Predictions are that there will be a great emphasis on the common man..and that special priviledge for people of higher birth or wealth will become an antique notion.!!...The aristocrat of the furture will be the person of learning and achievement.

Aquarius is the sign of scientific knowledge and invention...and rules air waves..It is impossible to imagine what mind-boggling inventions will take place in the next 2,000 years...but astrologers predict incredible journeys through space will definitely be one of them...Not just travel in our own galaxy..but to the universe beyond..

There will be space arks that can transport multitudes of colonies..and interstellar travel.. The achievement of travel to the stars will indeed be remarkable when one considers that Pluto...our outer most only five light-minutes distance from us...While the nearest STAR (not counting our Sun) 4.3 light YEARS away..!!!

Aquarius is a mental sign..and the future should be marked by yet unthinkable intellectual achievements..There will be concern for the environment..and the discovery of new technology to solve the problems of dwindling supplies of energy and resoures on Earth..The power of atomic energy..electronics...aviations..(all Aquarian inventions)...will be harnessed for the greatest possible use..Aquarius is a practical sign..The purpose of knowledge is to make use of it....not simply for the sake of knowing..

Astrologers have a special place in their hearts for Aquarius...because it is the sign associated with astrology.. We have already seen an upsurge of interest in astrology at the dawning of the Aquarian Age..As someone once remarked.."Astrology is the religion of the new generation"...In the coming Age of Aquarius..astrology will no longer be thought of as a superstitious...arcane...or secret knowledge possessed by only a few..It will be a respected scientific inquiry....available to every one..!!!

Perhaps it is wishful thinking to say that in the Age of Aquarius .. mankind will achieve universal harmony...but after all ...Aquarius is the sign of hopes and wishes..Astrologers hope that in the Aquarian Age ..we will build on past knowledge to discover new truths...(Aquarius is the truth seeker)...

Granted...the predictions are based on the positive qualities of Aquarius..Such negative qualities as inflexibility and vacillation...and the pursuit of selfish desires will also be part of the New Age...

Mankind has not evolved SO high that we can expect a new race of totally unselfish and idealistic people..We also must surmount grave problems...

There is a terrible danger of so over-populating our world that the only global war....disease and famine will reduce our numbers...We are using up our natural resources at an alarming rate....stripping our planet bare of its ability to sustain LIFE...MOST terrifying of all..we have the atomic power to completely destroy ourselves and..quite likely..the Earth along with us....

STILL~~~~~~~The Age of AQUARIUS offers HOPE~~~~~~~~~

Uranus...ruler of called the planet of the future..for within its domain lie modern science....inventions..electricity....and humanitarian movements...

Uranus is the planet of the power of will....and of unconscious purpose... A promise is held out to us.........

WE can build a WONDERFUL NEW WORLD~~~~~OR~~~~~ we can lose all that we have

~~IT IS UP to the NEW Universal Aquarians.............




I hope that you have enjoyed the information that I have provided for you from the book by
Joanna Martine Woolfolk titled...The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need.

With this infromation I hope that you have a better understanding of the changing of AGES..!.I am among some of the astrologers that have a belief that we "officially" entered the Age of Aquarius when Neptune entered Aquarius in February of 1998.....although some believe that the age started as far back as the 1960's....Every 2,000 years and AGE changes..!!!

We have always had changing of AGES...And with the changing of AGES there comes a changing of values and beliefs and structure..etc.....!!!!..And we MUST {{embrace}} the changing of the times....For without the ACCEPTANCE of change there can be NO growth ..And without growth ...the light of HOPE is DIM..!!!!



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In your eyes I can see sparks, more than stars, much more brillant,

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