Purchase Order To Gift Shops with Tourist Traffic in Louisiana

Would you like to carry my two books in your gift shop?

www.shabebe.com *********** www.myspace.com/cajunfairies

Mary Lynn Plaisance
BeB’s Place
P.O. Box 62
busy call: 985- 688-9525
Mathews, La. 70375
We accept all major credit cards
Phone: 985- 532-5979
If busy call: 985- 688-9525

Cajun Fairies -- In the Land of Sha Bebe: --Released © 2006
Retail Price for Gift Shops: 18.00
Price to me: $11.00
Profit to you : 7.00

Do you believe? -- In the Land of Sha Bebe: --- Released © 2004
Retail Price for Gift Shops: $9.00
Price to me: $5.00
Profit to you: $4.00

Prices on my purchase order are slightly higher than shown online, but your copies will be autographed. When tourist come, and they see a product they want, they buy it on the spot. I know, I’m listed in the Louisiana Tour Guide. If they order this book online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com, Author House, or even from me, the shipping will come to what they pay in the gift shops, and your books are autographed. Online they are not.

“Cajun Fairies” Books @ $11.00 each -- 220 pages, soft cover with photos
“Do you believe?” Books @ $5.00 each -- 88 pages, soft cover with photos

Fill In Order Form Below:
I want to order ________ copies of “Cajun Fairies” @ $11.00 each= $_______________

I want to order _________ copies of “Do you believe?” @ $5.00 each =$____________

My business name is:___________________________________ Total $_____________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

City:__________________________________ State: ________________ Zip:________

Phone: __________________________________________
Checks payable to: BeB’s Place

Call me. I’ll deliver within 50 miles.
I am available for book signings. Call for appointment.
The Series of “In the Land of Sha Bebe” will eventually become Louisiana Classics.
Book Three “The Wizard of Swamp Alley” is expected to come out in 2007.



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