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I am Libra--Moon in Scorpio--Leo Rising

From the words of Jan Spiller (my idol) from her book "Spiritual Astrology"


Many people believe that everything in astrology is predestined, and that free will is not included. In fact, quite the opposite is true. The astrology chart is simply a picture of the inner person just as the physical body is a picture of the outer person.

Without boundaries there is NO free will or choice; there is nothing to choose between. In that sense your astrology chart, which shows a picture of your inner self, is set/predestined in the same way that your body is set/predestined at the moment of your birth. Your physical body, though it grows and matures, remains essensially the same. It is still your body, unique from others on Earth and the only body you have. In the same way, the astrology chart pictures your intangible body. It is a picture of your inner being, unique from everyone else on Earth and the only inner being that you have. The tangible aspects of a person, the body, can be seen physically. The intangible aspects of a person, the being within the body, can be seen mathematically through the astrology chart.

It is how we USE what we have that the area of free will, or choice, enters in. Physically, we are aware of choice. We know what actions lead inevitably to pain, and if we do not want pain, we do not do those actions. On the intangible level the guideposts are just as inevitable, yet not as obvious except through mathematical tools that can display the energies graphically, such as astrology.

A belief in reincarnation is not necessary. I accept the idea of reincarnation and know that the moment of your birth is NOT an accident. You are NOT a victim of your birth chart, and it is NOT a matter beyond your control. Each chart is perfect. When you were born your soul said something like this......"Okay, this time I'm going to do this ...and this...and this I want to complete this way, so I'll set it up this way...That should complete it...I'll handle this this way this time...I'll take care of this......Okay. that is it."

And then turning to the angelic being you said ...."see ya".....

And in you came as a baby on planet Earth and took your first breath. So the birthchart is a picture of how YOU wanted it to be. It is the role you promised to play. And when you play the role that you promised to play life works.

Basically, there is you and there is your soul. If you were at one with your soul, everything you touch would turn to gold, to joy, to love ,to peace.

~~~~~~~ Jan Spiller~~"Spiritual Astrology"~~~~~~~~~~~



Between you and being at one with your soul is a pile of unconsciosness...and each of us has a personal...unique...pile of unconsciousness...The astrology chart is a key to seeing the unconsciousness on an objective and specific level that is capable of dissolving it ...The unconscious is a like a dark room...Turn on the light...and the darkness is dissolved with no contest...It is the same with the unconsciousness...There is nothing to figure out...or to do with it...It is not psychological...Simple expose it...and the light from your inner self will dissolve it...Expose it and then it can be released... and a new choice can be made...

As you determine the location of each of your planets in the signs...from your are ready to read about is OKAY to feel devastated after reading some of the conditions that go along with a certain planet and it's aspects..IF it is shown in a negative light....In fact it is approiate...The degree to which you allow yourself to feel totally hopeless when reading the the depth to which the unconsciousness can be cleared out and released... being replaced with a sense of inner freedom and ease as you read the positive descriptions of your chart....

NONE of us breaks ancient patterns of unconsciousness all at once...It is a process with a little more awareness of what's going on..step by step...It is gradual...Take one aspect and experiment with expressing that area of yourself differently in daily situations of your life...See what happens...It is an experiment...The idea of your to use what works...what produces an increase of happiness and ease in your relationship with life...

Your own soul is the ONLY entity with total records...and you are the only one who knows what "things" are so far...For this reason...the validation of your inner self is the ultimate judge of the completeness..and accuracy...of the insights offered to you...On some planets you may feel an inner sense of ..."YES..that is exactly how I experience it"...YOU are the authority...Your practical experience of what is leading to productive and nonproductive results for you is the best measurement.....



Words by BeB

The role that we choose to play on this Earth is played by ourselves and ONLY by ourselves...We ALL have positive and negative traits in our charts..and one would ask....If I DID choose this life to enter on Earth...then WHY did I choose the negative??????.......The negative is there to teach you lessons from past lives....(Karma is a universal LAW which means..... what you do will come back to you).......Karma WILL be dealt with....if not in this life than in the next...and when you spot a negative trait that you feel as though you absolutely can not handle....such as "gossip, lying, abusive behavior, drugs, violence, etc." is YOUR choice whether to act out that negative trait that you bring in from a past life ...or to act against that negative trait and turn it into a positive attitude to take it into the next lifetime with you....THAT IS MY BELIEF~~~~~~~ about negative and positive traits that we are suppose to have CHOSEN~~~~~ WE DID CHOOSE~~~~~~~BUT a HIGHER BEING also has a hand in the way that you enter this Earthly plane....AND the show is yours to perform.......



Angels and Astrology

~~~~~~~Who you are depends on the world you see yourself living in~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~Your world can be magical~~~~or it can be miserable~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~THE CHOICE IS YOURS~~~~~~~~



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