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Frequently Asked Questions About Astrology


~~~~Frequently Asked Questions About Astrology~~~~


1...What is natal astrology ?

Natal astrology is a tool used to expand our understanding of ourselves and our world. Some other tools that are used are: self-hypnosis; meditation; prayer; education. Like all tools, astrology gets the job done when it is UNDERSTOOD and used PROPERLY. Astrology is based on the observation that events here on Earth are instantly reflected in the heavens.


2.What is a natal chart?

A natal chart is also called the wheel... and it is a 360 degree picture of the heavens at the time of the birth moment. And the birth "moment" is determined at the time that your first breath is taken. A natal chart (a chart drawn up at the time of your birth) appears confusing to anyone unfamiliar with astrological codes. But to the astrologer, however, a natal chart reveals a wealth of information about the person for whom the chart is constructed.


3. What does natal mean?

Natal simply means "at the moment of birth".


4.What natal astrology is NOT?

Natal astrology is NOT a cure all. It is NOT fatalistic. The individul always has the ability to chose by exercising the birthright of free will. It does NOT advocate that the planets control our lives. WE, through our choices, control our own lives.


5 How old is astrology?

Astrology has some 5,000 years of careful observation and record keeping. Astrology is mentioned in the Bible. The wise men were astrologers. They followed the stars. Really ....Astrology is as old as measured time...!!!


6. What is a sun sign?

Your sun sign is the sign of the zodiac that the sun was in when you were born....for example if you were born on April are can find this in most all newspaper horoscopes column...which is only sun sign astrology.....not natal astrology.


7. What is the zodiac?

The zodiac ... (literally means "circle of animals"..or "circle of life) the "belt" of 12 signs in our solar system...that the sun passes through each month....When the sun enters a new has gone into another part of the zodiac.


8. What are the 12 signs of the zodiac?

The 12 signs are in this order:



9. Where is the moon in a chart?

The moon in any chart is figured out from what is called an almanac which astrologers use to figure the position of the moon ...AND all of the planets at the time of birth.


10. So the planets position in a chart is figured out from this ephemeris also?

Yes. ALL of the planets... and the sun and the moon are considered planets in astrology...are figured out from this ephemeris. BUT today with modern technology...the computer can figure a chart quicker and with more accuracy.


11. Is astrology a science?

Astrology is considered a psydo-science...(soft science)...meaning not based on factual evidence according to the scientific community.... Most astrologers have a different view of this. Astrology has an amazing degree of accuracy. At one time psychology was considered a (soft science)..because it was not accepted by the scientific community....But look what has become of psychology today...!!!


12. Can you explain the study of astrology?...Just what is it?

Astrology is a study of the cycles of the Sun ...and the Moon ...and the planets and their inter-relationships. There is not much in the heavens that is not cyclical...meaning happening over and over. It is this repeating pattern that enables us to recognize heavenly events....The moon goes through four phases every 29 and 1/2 days...the sun returns to the soltice and equinox points ...(spring..summer..autumn..winter..)..predictably year after year....Each planet has its own fixed orbit around the sun...The planets ...the moon ...and the sun...have predictable..repeating relationships to each other in space.... All of these are circles or cycles...Astrology is a study of those events where there is a return or cycling.....

The cosmos is a vast clock...A birthchart is a time-sliced of this vast cosmic performance...The clock is a manner of the precise time and date and place of your birth...Any important event is worth a cosmic snapshot....And that snapshot of when time stopped in the cosmos when you were the map of your birth....your BIRTHCHART.

By studying the planetary arrangements for that given moment...the astrologer can gain an accurate picture of what has happened on Earth at that moment ...compared to what has happened in the Heavens....{{ above below..}}

This is what astrology is all about....

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