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I am BeB

I am from Louisiana~Cajun Country~The Bayou State. I was born on the bayou -- lived here all my life and I intend to remain here.

I married my soul mate (a Sagattarian--we have NOTHING in common)-- But he is FIRE and I am AIR--and fire can not exist with out air--SO we mananaged--*S*--

My younger years with my family gave me MUCH experience for my life path~!!!~Without that experience--I would NOT be the person that I am today--And I thank GOD first--and I thank my Mom and Dad--and I thank my family--for the life that I have today-!! -You raised me right MoM and DaD---(I love you forever)

In the mid '80's I started experiencing a new spiritual awakening--To me there was something MORE to LIFE-!-It took me TEN years-*grin*-BUT I finally found out what that MORE was for MY life ~~~Astrology~~~ I believe that astrology is the KEY to knowing yourself and LIFE~~~!!! In 1984 I began to read about astrology--BUT not study astrology--THEN in 1994 I began studying this science--and the MOST fasinating part of my studies is that the MORE that I learn the MORE there is to learn--

BUT then LIFE is an endless process of LEARNING-- We are ALL learning each day as we go through our lives--AND that is a GOOD thing--Because the more we educate ourselves in LIFE---the better our lives will become--

AND the MOST important thing about this life is to KEEP on a POSITIVE path -- even when life "throws"--all of it's negativity towards you--That positive attitude will WIN in the end--I can guarantee that-- And that is about the ONLY guarantee that we have in life--our positive attitudes--I wish everyone who ventures through my pages.....

{{peace and love}}

I am Libra--Moon in Scorpio--Leo Rising

This is some MORE of my life and of my soul--but my NO means all of me--

I am Sun /Neptune conjunct--and Mercury in {{ LIBRA }} 2nd house of {{{TAURUS}}}--stubborn as a bull but always fairminded--I LOVE to have people IN my heart to love and cherish--I can't live without some kind of relationship in my life and it has to be a GOOD relationship--I don't like arguing--I will move on and get another friendship instead of any arguing...PERIOD~!--AND with Neptune conjunct my Sun--this gives me intuitive powers that I have learned to listen to--IT is an inner voice that tells me that something is NOT right--OR that something IS right--(and for this LIBRA--the decision to make up my mind which IS correct or NOT comes from my heart center)--AND when I hear my inner say this to me--I have to stop and figure out just what it is telling me--because THAT voice is correct---BUT sometimes I go along with the status quo--because I AM LIBRA--and I do not want to hurt people's feelings AND with this conjunction-- SOMETIMES --I fantasize a situation which is not good--I can deal with fantasy better than reality--BUT I have had to learn to deal with REALITY---I HAD TO-!!--And that house is RULED by Virgo which brought some common sense to this conjunction--AND I like every thing NEAT and CLEAN---and I will tell you what you want to hear...IF YOU WANT TO HEAR IT~!!!!

THEN--I have Jupiter/Mars conjunct which gives me boundless energy--and adds to my temper--then Mars conjunct Moon--which adds more fuel to my emotions and anger in this intense sign--and then mars conjuncts Venus--passion runs rampart in my chart--ALL in INTENSE--{{{SCORPIO}}}-- in my third house of Gemini--My energies are SCATTERED like a fly--TALK--TALK--TALK--and SEX and MONEY--are a big part of my life--and also learning to use that energy PROPERLY--and I do believe that I have done this well---I did NOT scatter that energy all over the place--I kept THAT energy with my husband---BUT the talking----JUST scattered all over the place--**LOL---And my temper is something to be dealt with when it comes to an injustice to me or someone dear to me--OR for HUMANITY-!-I have NOT learned YET to control this--BUT I am still working on it-!!-I must learn to deal with my anger in a more positive way--AND I am working on this--AND when I have a friend--I HAVE a friend--I will go to any extreme to help that friend..BUT IF that friend betrays me--GOD forbid----and when I have an enemy---I don't want to be any where around them--because I don't like feeling their negative energy--PERIOD----The energy that comes from Scorpio is so intense--that I can NOT explain it to anyone--IT can only be FELT-- And someone who IS Scorpio--or someone who has planets in the sign of Scorpio--or has it rising or at their MID--can understand that energy---INTENSE and EXTREME--is the words that fits Scorpio well-- BUT that 3rd house is RULED by--LIBRA--LOVE..and thank GOD for that--

MY passion runs DEEP--BUT I AM LIBRA--I will strive for that balance and love all of my life--IN my life--Libra wants a balance which may never come--BUT Libra always strive for that balance--

THEN--I have Uranus in Gemini--in my 10th house--the house of Capricorn--AND with that shocking planet Uranus--in Gemini mercury ruled gives me that intersest in astrology--and tarot--chakras--and ALL of the metaphysical subjects--NOT TO exclude all of those SCORPIO planets too--Scorpio loves to delve INTO matters--Gemini is more superficial than intense Scorpio--and pleasure loving sometimes too laid back Libra--

and AS OF can see that I am a bundle of contradictions--*LOL*--AND with Uranus in my 10th house of carreer--I have always had UNUSAL careers--I mean I have my own copyrighted doll in Louisiana which I am losing interest in because MY energies are so scatteered--BUT I will NOT let go of this doll--SHE IS MY doll that comes from my possessive nature of my second house sun--I'll make money off of it with having some one else making them--AND with Uranus in the 10th house--I DO NOT like someone TELLING me what to do--I CAN and DO listen to advise and follow it--BUT I do NOT like to be TOLD what to do--

AND that 10th house is ruled by {TAURUS}--LOVE again--and Thank GOD again--That is my MID--and That is what I aspire to be--I have LOVE and PASSION all over the place--*S*


I have SATURN--and PLUTO in LEO in MY 12th---The house of Pisces---THIS is a POWERFUL energy source---TOO many FEELING of things that I did not understand---(and the past is something that I have to learn to deal with)--LIKE I know something will happen--BUT I don't know WHAT--and MOON is Scorpio has conributed to this also--I am still learning to use my energies in this house properly--AND in the last TEN years I have done well since I have become familiar with astrology--Saturn restricts--and PLUTO is pure POWER--and they conjunct---BAM--AND phobias (some irrational)--come along with this conjunction--and I have had my share--BUT this conjunction is NOT conjunct to my ascendant and I am thankful for that--espically in the sign fire sign of LEO--AS this would have intensified the conjunction even more-!

AND my 12th house is ruled by none other than--BAM--CANCER--(ruled by the moon)--and MY MOON is in SCORPIO--!!!!!-TOO much at times

Then--I am LEO rising--a fire sign-and my chart is ruled by the Sun--I SHINE--*LOL*--BUT really I do like to be ON STAGE--I LOVE ATTENTION----BUT I know when to GET OFF of that stage--THAT I did not have to learn--I just knew-- AND I LOVE TO WIN--but I can take losing with some honor--UNLESS the lose was an offense to my LEO pride--

A conjunction simly means two planets being within 6 degrees of each other--(next to each other at the time of your birth)

And there is so much more that can be interperted into my chart --I did not go into the squares and sextiles and I have no oppositions to planets--(these are called aspects)--MY chart is filled to the left of the chart --(which is the right)--which indicates that I am the ruler of my life--I call my own shots in my life--I donít let someone else rule it for me--I will stop here because that would be going deeper into the chart and I like keeping my stuff on a surface level--because I am a private person when it comes to myself---(because of all of the scorpio energy in my chart and that conjunction in my 12th)--I have only SCRATCHED the surface of my chart--with all that I have given here--

{{hugs and love}}

Astrology works-- ASTROLOGY is the window of the soul--

{{{peace and love}}}

BeB ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~and~~~~~~~~~ Mr. BeB

And the Angels LOVE and LIVE amoung the stars
~~~~Angels and Astrology~~~~
IN Loving Memory of MY DAD and MY MOM~~~~~~


Attitude, Attitude, Atitude--my message in the universe,

Each thought and act has energy, for better or for worse.

And in His infinite kindness, and sense of love you see,

{{peace and love}}
What ere I sow, what ere I think, He sends it back to me.

So attitude is my key--to happiness, joy and care,

To smile and laugh, and give to all, the love that I can share.

I can, I am, I will, I have--the power to be me,

My energy in the universe will come back with joy--you'll see!

~~~Louisiana Southern CHARM~~~

A Tgellan original picture..*S*....Thanks for the pic Gellan....*S*

CLICK on my new pic scene from a chat {{friend}}...Tgellan and see Louisiana~~*S~~

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