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Words taken from the book..."The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" by Deepak Chopra.....
(I admire his works)
Karma is both action and the consequence of that is cause and effect...!!!!....For every action that you take ...there is a REACTION....KARMA......!!!!

There is nothing unfamiliar about the Law of Karma...because every action that we take on...generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind..!!!!!...Every one has heard the saying... "What you sow is what you shall reap"...

Obviously... if what we want to create is happiness in our lives...we MUST learn to sow the seed of happiness. Therefore...karma implies the action of conscious choice making....!!!

You and I are essentially choice makers. In EVERY moment of our lives we are in that field of all possibilities where we have access to an endless amount of choices. Some of these choices are made consciously...while others are made unconsciously. But the best way to understand the use of karmic law is to become aware of the choices that we make in EVERY moment..!!!!

Whether you like it or not...everything that is happening at this moment is a result of the choices you have made in the past. Unfortunately...a lot of us make choices unconscoiusly...and therefore we don't think they are choices...and yet THEY ARE...!!! Most of us a result of conditioning...have repeated and prectible responses to the stimuli in our environment. Our reactions seem to be automatically triggered by people and circumstances...and we forget that these are still choices that we are making in EVERY moment of our existence. We are simply making these choices unconsciously.

If you step back for a moment and witness the choices you are making AS you make those choices...then in just this act of take the whole process from the unconscious realm into the conscious realm. This procedure of conscious choice-making and witnessing is VERY empowering...!!!!

When you make a choice...any choice at can ask yourself two things........First..."What are the consequenses of this choice that I'm making ?"....In your heart you will immediately KNOW what these are.........and second..."Will this choice that I'm making now bring happiness to me and to those around me?"...If the answer is no..Then DON'T make that choice..!!!!It is THAT simple.....!!!!

There is a VERY interesting mechanism that the universe has to help you make spontaneous correct choices. The mechanism has to do with sensations in your body. Your body experiences two kinds of is a sensation of comfort...the other is a sensation of discomfort. At the moment that you must make a choice..PAY ATTENTION to your body... and ask your body..."If I make this choice...what happens?"...If your body sends a message of comfort...that is the right choice. If your body sends a message of discomfort...then it is not the right choice.

For some people the message of comfort and discomfort is felt in the stomach area...BUT for most people it is in the area of the HEART...!!!!......So pay attention to your heart and ask your heart what to do. It may be the FAINTEST level of feeling...but it is YOUR body. ONLY your heart knows the correct answer. Most people think that the heart is mushy and sentimental....BUT IT IS NOT~!!! The heart is intutive and it is holistic.

NOW what about the issue of past karma... and how it is influencing you NOW...!!!!..There are three ways of dealing with past karma...

One is to pay your karmic debts. Most people choose to do this...unconsciously of course. Sometimes there is a LOT of suffering involved in the payment of those debts....BUT the LAW OF KARMA says that NO debt in the universe ever goes unpaid. There is a perfect accounting system in this universe...and everything is a constant "to and fro" exchange of energy.

The second thing you can do is to transform your karma to a more desirable experience. This is a VERY interesting process in which you ask you are paying your karmic debt..."What can I learn from this experience?" ...Why is this happening and what is the message that the universe is giving to me?"... How can I make this experience useful to my fellow human beings?"......!!!.THIS allows you to transmute the karma to a NEW expression. For example ...if you have broken your leg in a sports can learn from this experience by writing a book on sports safety.....This way paying your karmic will have also converted the adversity into a benefit that may bring you wealth and fulfillment. This is the transmutation of your karma into a positive experience. You have NOT really gotten rid of your karma...but you are able to take a karmic episode and create a new and positive karma out of it.

And the third way to deal with karma to transcend it...!!!..To transcend karma is to become independent of it. The way to transcend karma is to keep experiencing the gap...the Self...the Spirit. This of course is done through the practice of prayer and meditation....It is like washing a dirty piece of cloth in a stream of water. EVERY time that you wash take away a few stains. You keep washing it again and again...and each time it gets a little cleaner. You wash... or transcend the seeds of your karma by going into the gap and coming out was said ...this is done through prayer and meditation....!!!!

ALL actions are karmic episodes. That action generates memory...and memory has the ability or the potential to generate desire. And desire generates action again. ...The operational software of your soul is karma..memory..and desire. Your soul is a bundle of consciousness that has the seed of karma..memory..and desire. By becoming conscious of these seeds ... you become a conscious generator of reality. By becoming a conscious begin to generate actions that are evolutionary for you and for those that are around you....AND THAT is all you need to do.

As long as karma is evolutionary...for both the Self and everyone affected by the Self...then the fruit of karma will be happiness and success.

In doing this page ... MY heart center tells me that I am repaying a karmic debt in some way...!!!... It does NOT pay my debt in FULL. But I {{feel}} as though I have contributed to SOME of my karmic debts...I hope this page has helped some people to understand that ...""what we give we shall receive"" ....back three fold...{{ for good or for bad }}!!!!...And also that every thing in life is based on INTENT.....If your intentions are will receive good. BUT do NOT do a deed with the INTENTION of receiving something in doing have done nothing at all~~!!!!

{{{ peace and love and MOST of all...understanding }}}

REMEMBER ~~Karma WILL be dealt with~~What you give you shall recieve~~

~~~~~~~It is The Law of Karma~~~~

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{{{PEACE .. LOVE .. and most of all .. UNDERSTANDING}}}

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A special note that I read about dying from Rita--
and I hold this to be true in my own soul--

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There is a view that people choose their manner of dying in the same way that they choose their their path in life...and that the act of dying is the MOST important part of life...!!!!...That in the manner of the will kick into motion that have significant effect on those close to them.... This is our greatest legacy to our loved ones..that we will somehow in passing over....assist them to stay on track or enable them to develope and grow somehow..and it is thought to be planned MOST carefully in order to transcend much of their own karma addition to helping others do the same.
By Rita from Astro Chat

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