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Aries Spontaneous and assertive Mars Fire Cardinal
Taurus Solid, stable, and loves beautiful things Venus Earth Fixed
Gemini Communicator, salesperson Mercury Air Mutable
Cancer Nurturing and emotional Moon Water Cardinal
Leo Proud and wants to win. Sun Fire Fixed
Virgo Picky, meticulous, and wants to serve Mercury Earth Mutable
Libra Seeks balance and truth, Loves beauty and fine things Venus Air Cardinal
Scorpio Intense, Investigative and sexual Pluto Water Fixed
Sagittarius Always the optimistic, and a visionary. Jupiter Fire Mutable
Capricorn Teacher and learner of Responsibility, authoritive and traditional. Saturn Earth Cardinal
Aquarius The sign of brotherly love, the humanitarian, and the eccentric. Uranus Air Fixed
Pisces The visionary, The Saint or the Sinner. Neptune Water Mutable


1st   Personal identity
2nd   Values, self worth, finances
3rd   Communications, siblings, short trips
4th   Psychological foundation, roots
5th    Self-Expression, romance, play, art, children
6th     Work and service
7th    Partnership, marriage, dealing with others
8th    Others' resources, sexuality, occult, death, inheritance
9th    Inspiration, philosophy, religion, education, journeys
10th     Career, ambitions, status
11th      Ideals, groups, friends, dreams
12th      Inner, meditative, entrapped, spiritual, hospitals


Conjunction Fusion of energy, two combine to become one
Opposition  Opposite energy, polarity
Trine    Very harmonious, different yet similar, gets along extremely well
  Square  Challenge, can be difficult, can produce growth
Sextile   Harmonious, can work well together


Fire Aggresive, Spur of the moment
Earth Grounded, "down to earth"
Air Thought, intuition
Water Feelings


Cardinal Responsive
Fixed Persevering, stubborn
Mutable Flexible, scattered



Sun--- The planet that identifies YOU.--- Self, identity, individuality.

Moon --- The emotional side of you. --- Instincts, the mother.

Mercury --- The planet of Communications, short travels, siblings

Venus --- Venus represents Love, beauty, romance

Mars --- The planet of aggression, male energy, forcefulness, passion.

Jupiter --- The planet of optimism, expansion, success, philosophy, education and LUCK.

Saturn --- Saturn is our teacher. Restrictions, responsibility, lessons of life.

Uranus --- The planet of Shock and sudden changes! Creativity, originality, eccentric

Neptune --- The Planet of Illusion, surrender, fantasy, spirituality, depression

Pluto --- The Planet of Transformation and Rebirth, power, the underworld

North Node --- Our Dharma, our future potential.

South Node --- Our past karma and what we already know!

Part of Fortune --- Point of our happiness from a balance between Sun, Moon and Ascendant ---

Ascendant (Rising Sign) Or Ascendant (your first house sign)---The way others see you. The way you approach life.

Midheaven --- What you aspire to be in a career, (your 10th house sign)

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