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GET AN annual mammogram or as directed by your doctor

~~~AN angel for ALL who are fightning the GREAT FIGHT~~~

CLICK ON THE SIGN ABOVE...and READ it all carefully....PLEASE


These symptoms may signal breast cancer. If you have any of these signs, see your doctor:

A breast lump or thickening that may or may not be painful
Change in breast size, shape, or symmetry, for instance, one breast becomes higher
Flattening or indentation on skin of breast
Dimpling, rippling, or scaling of skin on breast
Change in breast skin temperature, most often a warm or hot patch
Dark, bloody, or clear nipple discharge
Nipple itching, scaling, burning, dimpling, or turning inward
Lasting pain or tenderness in breast
Swelling in the underarm

For the love of my sister in laws who are fighting the GREAT fight



Gwen's Angel

She bought me this angel in 1995 for Christmas..she thought that it was just the cutiest little angel.*S*


This is my sister in law and {{best friend}} GWEN..She is in NEED of your prayers NOW ..11-03-1998..PLEASE keep her in your thoughts and prayers... And when you write a name down for a prayer for the strength of breast cancer fighters....Please write down Gwen's name~~!!~~And if you would care to email me your prayer for Gwen I will gladly print it out and see that she gets it..I can NOT be consoled right now..BUT I pray for Gwen's strenght to fight this disease~~!!

I wrote the above and I have prayed ... because at that time I could not be consoled...BUT there comes a time when GOD has a say so in the happenings in one's physical life on this earthly plane... AND on this Thanksgiving day... November 25, 1999... Gwen needed oxygen ... AS we were all at my home for the Turkey dinner.. Gwen stayed home too weak to go any where... and as of today November 28.. her condition is not improving...IT saddens me so much that words can not discribe....BUT I KNOW DEEP in my soul....that Gwen has fullfilled her purpose on this Earth and is ready for a MUCH better place....THAT is my peace in my heart now...AS I watch her every day and her condition is worsening...I am now praying that she can get to SEE and to HOLD her grandson that is due in a few weeks..!!!



Tilly's Angel

Tilly is OK...She noticed her lump early and is doing fine...I give thanks...


Miriams Angel

Miriam is OK.... She noticed her lump early and is doing fine..I give thanks...

There will be PEACE in the VALLEY.. for you and for me......*S*


I LOVE UNICORNS ~~~ Look at my Summerland ~~ for you

What Can I Do For You Today?

Today .. (December 14, 1999) They say you can come home Gwen...There is nothing more to do for your illness in the hospital..and the doctors say that you have a few weeks to live!
Today .. (December 14, 1999) I get a phone call from your daughter saying that her baby will be born tomorrow..on the 15th... by induced labor..
Today .. (December 14, 1999) I am making a big corn soup to bring to you on your return home...while we wait for the hospital bed to arrive..
Today .. (December 14, 1999) I am packing a few things (and my camera) go with your daughter tomorow morning @ 5:00 am for the delivery of her son...your Grandson...(Tristian)..I will have it all in photos for you!
Today .. (December 14, 1999) I am arranging a big bouquet of flowers for you...because I want you to see all of my flowers now..
Today .. (December 14, 1999) I love you as a sister as I have always done and I cry .. but I am proud of you... and I will wait for tomorrow to say what will happen...I think of only today .. be back tomorrow

Today .. (December 15, 1999) I went with your daughter and she had her baby at 9:26 PM.. she had a BOY~~!!..I have your pictures..
Today ..(December 15, 1999) Just stayed all day and most of the night with your daughter.. I took your space... I did NOT take your PLACE~!!
Today ..(Decemebr 15, 1999) I could not cry.....I dont know why..
Today .. (Decemebr 15, 1999) I came back home from the hospital at midnight after I saw Tristan well....and I didn't SEE you.. Lots of family was at the hospital
Today .. (Decemeber 15, 1999) I say your grandson is BEAUTIFUL~~!! He will go home in 2 days.. be back tomorrow...

Today .. (December 16, 1999) I cried ...
Today .. (December 16, 1999) I went to see YOU...AND I SEE that the cancer has taken all of you..and I set a prayer card on your night stand..
Today .. (December 16, 1999) I prayed that you live through the night to SEE Tristan tomorrow...and I cry back tomorrow

Today .. (December 17,1999) .. I prayed for a comfortable transition for you to the next world..
Today ..(December 17,1999) .. I went to see you...and you did HOLD and SEE your Grandson..
(a very joyous event)
Today .. (December 17, 1999) ..I watched you SUFFER more...because some want you OFF your pain medication to give you alternative medicines..which was NOT your wish
Today ..(December 17, 1999) ..Right now....I cry because you are not happy..and you should be at peace in your final days...You say you SAW Dominique at your door and that you are ready ... She is your angel..go to her...*S* back tomorrow..

Today .. (December 18, 1999).. I did see you and I did nothing but think of you and wonder what you were thinking..I prayed for your peace of mind..I did not cry..

Today .. (December 19, 1999) .. I did not see you and I will NOT see you any more .. in a state of unrest~!! .. I pray for you NOT to suffer .. BUT I think to no avail..(BUT I pray anyway)..I can not cry now..another emotion has taken me over.. and I can not help you .. (as much as I would want to...I CAN'T)..~~!!!.. I will not come back to this page either until I know that you suffer NO more and you are at PEACE~~!..GO TO Dominique~!


And I also must remember the Law of Karma

There is nothing unfamiliar about the Law of Karma...because every action that we take on...generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind..!!!!!...Every one has heard the saying... "What you sow is what you shall reap"...

Whether you like it or not...everything that is happening at this moment is a result of the choices you have made in the past. Unfortunately...a lot of us make choices unconscoiusly...and therefore we don't think they are choices...and yet THEY ARE...!!! Most of us a result of conditioning...have repeated and prectible responses to the stimuli in our environment. Our reactions seem to be automatically triggered by people and circumstances...and we forget that these are still choices that we are making in EVERY moment of our existence. We are simply making these choices unconsciously.

If you step back for a moment and witness the choices you are making AS you make those choices...then in just this act of take the whole process from the unconscious realm into the conscious realm. This procedure of conscious choice-making and witnessing is VERY empowering...!!!!

When you make a choice...any choice at can ask yourself two things........First..."What are the consequenses of this choice that I'm making ?"....In your heart you will immediately KNOW what these are.........and second..."Will this choice that I'm making now bring happiness to me and to those around me?"...If the answer is no..Then DON'T make that choice..!!!!It is THAT simple.....!!!!

There is a VERY interesting mechanism that the universe has to help you make spontaneous correct choices. The mechanism has to do with sensations in your body. Your body experiences two kinds of is a sensation of comfort...the other is a sensation of discomfort. At the moment that you must make a choice..PAY ATTENTION to your body... and ask your body..."If I make this choice...what happens?"...If your body sends a message of comfort...that is the right choice. If your body sends a message of discomfort...then it is not the right choice.

For some people the message of comfort and discomfort is felt in the stomach area...BUT for most people it is in the area of the HEART...!!!!......So pay attention to your heart and ask your heart what to do. It may be the FAINTEST level of feeling...but it is YOUR body. ONLY your heart knows the correct answer. Most people think that the heart is mushy and sentimental....BUT IT IS NOT~!!! The heart is intutive and it is holistic.

Karma is the ONLY thing that makes sense to me for all of the suffering in the world..! I can not believe that a GOD of LOVE would allow all of the suffering that I have seen..(and I have seen so much with my MOM and you)...

I have looked into my HEART and I can not SEE you suffer any more GWEN....That is MY choice..AND we will all have to deal with our karma one day..


TODAY~~ YOU passed away

Today .. (December 22, 1999) .. I went to your bed at 8:00 am .. and I could NOT believe the change in the few days.....I CRIED SO MUCH....that I HURT for you....BUT tears are my comfort....
SO I stayed about an hour and then I left..because I DID NOT want to SEE you die....

At 4:00 pm...I called and I went back to your home....I don't know why..BUT I had to......Your breathing was so much worse than in the morning.......

AND MY dear 5:00 passed away.....with THE MOON so FULL in the sign of Cancer..on The Winter Solstice Evening

And I watched you in dismay......take your last breathe...SO that event was meant to be for me....and I have NO regrets.....

I cried ONE more time.....uncontrollably...........and
NOW I cry NO are at peace and that brings me my peace for you...

Today .. (December 23, 1999) .. I went to order your bouquet of flowers
I went to tell my MOM
TOMORROW~~~~(December 24, 1999)...I will go to your funeral~~~ Christmas EVE morning at 10:00 am


May the perpetual light shine upon you.....and may you rest IN PEACE~~~ NOW

WITH LOVE~~~~~~~ from Mary Lynn

Today--August 26, 2000--- I miss you more than before--!
You are not forgotten--I had a dream of you--and you are ok--*S*
You will always be in my heart and in my prayers--
Today I cry--tears of joy--You are ok--

Gwen It's December 22, 2000----ONE Year has passed since you left Earth for a better place- and I still miss you--I miss our phone conversations most-- And your Grandson Tristan--had his 1st birthday on the 15th--He is so cute--and you would love him so much--but maybe your role in all of this is to be his Guardian Angel--*S*

Little Saggy that he is--*S*--(very rough even at one--but extremely sweet)--If this is your role--you will be the most excellent Angel that I can imagine for Tristian-!

Still love you --- just had to write this for my healing too--But then you know how I am--
You would say---""OH stop crying Mary Lynn""--
and I would tell you---""BUT YOU KNOW~~~~~that crying is what I do best to move ON--so leave me cry Gwen"""
And then we would both laugh------I miss you~!

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