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Beb's Place has been closes since January 2009 after Hurricane Gustave ripped part of the roof off.
It was a great place when it was opened, but it's closed.
I'm not editing anymore, because I have had this page since March of 1998.
I like looking back at good memories~!
I did enjoy making my dolls since 1991. Now that time has ended.
Thank you.
by OWNER: Mary Lynn Plaisance

You have entered ~~ The Magical Doll Land of Sha Bebe

LCN--TV Interview with Mary Lynn Plaisance

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WE, the people, are the SPIRIT of Louisiana.

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OUT of USA Orders go to AuthorHouse

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You will save money ordering directly from me.


Read and find out what the riddle about 11:11 Back to Seven means.

"Eleven, eleven, back to seven, are the words we have to say.
When the trouble makers come to take our happiness away.
We look with blurred vision into a long mirror on a stand.
It's the passage to make them go back, into their own land."


First Swamp Alley Article in The Houma Courier and the Daily Comet



You can order Book One, Two and Three from me on Etsy.
Do you believe? --- is 88 pages with photos.
Cajun Fairies --- is 220 pages with photos.
The Wizard of Swamp Alley -- is 216 pages with photos.
Genre: Teen/Adult-Fantasy Fiction

Louisiana is the Home of The Cajun Sha Bebe Dolls.

Wishing you all that is the best in life. :)

Some people who have my dolls and/or book.





You have entered, "The Land of Sha Bebe" and the "Cajun Fairies"

Cajun Fairies News Article
By: Justin Martin of the Tri-Parish Times

Lafourche Parish Tourist Attractions


Photos for First Cajun Book Signing for "Cajun Fairies"

Cajun Day at Bayou Beouf School

We are listed in Louisiana Cultural Tourism

Cajun Fairies -- In the Land of Sha Bebe


Do you believe? -- Cajun Fairies -- The Wizard of Swamp Alley


Cajun Fairies -- In the Land of Sha Bebe (c)

Dedicated to the Spirit of Louisiana
I love you Beb
for you elfina

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This is Acadia, the Good Cajun Fairy.

An introduction to the sequel:

A wicked Cajun Fairy, Robes Pierre, takes over the spirit of the enchanted Land of Sha Bebe.
He had that much power! No one ever had that much power to threaten the land. Never, since the beginning of time!
All of the characters and the dolls are not themselves.
How will the land get back to the enchanting ways in which it once was.
Or will the once enchanted land be saved?
And if so, who will save the land and restore the powers back to the enchanted ones?
Will it be Acadia the good Cajun Fairy, Queen Faustina, Marie La Vie, Madame Plume, Madame Poulette?
Will the sugar mill ladies group and do something drastic?
Or will Miss Betty Lou the school teacher come across and save the land?
How about Bagasse Man?
Cajun Fairies promises to be an action packed addition that will hold you in suspense,
compared to the solemn settings of the first book.
You will laugh and you will cry!
The first book set the CHANGE for the second book which will be much longer.
Sha Bebe Fans stay tuned.

You won't be disapppointed~!


Have a Fairy Good Day.

All rights reserved. All characters and titles are protected by copyright law to Mary Lynn Plaisance.


Article from 2002 by Jewel Bush of The Houma Courier

First article about the book, "In the Land of Sha Bebe"
by Jewel Bush of The Houma Courier



The Sha Bebe Dolls


Each doll is 18 inches tall and has a heart.

You name your doll in the heart.

Each doll is signed and dated.
The dolls are collectibles and not meant for play.

ONLY the 18" Boy and Girl Dolls will be in stock for ordering along with the book.
Check what we have on Etsy.
IF a character doll becomes available for sale,
it will be listed on Etsy.
Because of supply and demand, the character DOLLS won't be in stock for order!
Each character is pictured in the book.
Queen Faustina--Madame Plume--Madame Poulette--Miss Betty Lou--
Jolie and Beau--The Sugar Mill Ladies--The Bebe Land Band--Marie La Vie
Acadia the Good Cajun Fairy--Bagasse Man--The Wizard of Swamp Alley

ALL characters from the Land of Sha Bebe and all rights are reserved to Mary Lynn Plaisance.

The books have a lot of Cajun fairy tale magic to it~~!
Destined to become the next Louisiana fairy tale classic.

Waltzing along the braided rug road
Waltzing along the braided rug road
Dancing and dancing we all sing this song

While waltzing along the braided rug road

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The Cajun Sha Bebe Dolls (c)
circa 1991
Unique--One of a Kind collectible Dolls
Made by Mary Lynn Hebert Plaisance
and sold ONLY at BeB's Place and on Etsy

BeB's Place
A Cajun Craft Shop/Home of the Sha Bebe DOLL Shop

Louisiana is the Home of The Cajun Sha Bebe Dolls.

Wishing you all that is the best in life. :)

Mary Lynn Plaisance
(Fantasy Author)
Mama of the Cajun Fairies and
The Wizard of Swamp Alley

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Enter the Magical Doll Land of Sha Bebe. Read the stories about the adventures of the Sha Bebe Dolls and the Cajun Fairies.